Volunteer Requirements

Length of Service

Volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one year and may serve in a variety of positions, including house parents, nurses, physicians, therapists, teachers, secretaries, gardeners, kitchen help, librarians or assistants in the clinics. In Haiti, volunteers have helped in the hospital. Because of the difficulties that surround training, language and accomodations for short-term volunteers, most positions require a strict commitment to one year of service.


Volunteers must be at least 21 years of age and in good health. We accept couples only if they are married.

Language Requirements

Job placement in the Latin American homes will depend a great deal on degree of fluency in Spanish. For technical work and manual labor, a minimal knowledge of the language is needed. For most other volunteer positions, Spanish must be good enough to get along in daily activities.

The children and staff at the orphanage in Haiti speak Creole, while French is taught in the schools. At the hospital, a minimal knowledge of French is needed to communicate with the doctors and staff upon arrival. Creole is not a difficult language and each volunteer is expected to study it during the first weeks in Haiti. Most volunteers can learn enough Creole in their first two months to communicate with the children and staff.


Room and board is provided for all volunteers. Volunteers are expected to pay travel expenses to and from the country where volunteering. A small monthly stipend is given to full time volunteers.

Medical Coverage

The medical clinic at each orphanage is available to volunteers during their stay, but we recommend that volunteers call their public health service for any required shots or medical advice for living in any one of the countries.

For European and International Volunteers (volunteers who apply from countries without a local office), once volunteers have been accepted to work at the homes, they are eligible for and receive health, accident and liability coverage on a group policy with FID. This is coordinated by our German office and plan details and expectations are given when a volunteer is accepted.

US volunteers receive coverage through the IMG Patriot Plan. Plan details and expectations are given when a volunteer is accepted.


Anyone interested in applying as a volunteer, please fill out our online application form. Once completed, this will be automatically submitted to your local NPH fundraising office. If you would prefer to download an application in Word (English | Spanish), please send the completed application to your local fundraising office. Once you have been accepted as a volunteer, you will be asked to submit a completed health statement (English | Spanish) with your doctor's signature.






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