Luke XV

In the retelling of the three most loved parables spoken by our Lord, Father Wasson has chosen the direct, youthful approach of the ballad form. The strong rhythm and the original rhyme scheme add the ancient appeal of the chant, to the wonderful stories which Our Lord used in His teaching.

Each parable, based on a homely incident, immediately recognizable to simple souls, householder, parents, from time immemorial, is a form of the basic promise of the Christian faith...Man has been lost but can be redeemed. Lost innocence can be regained. We were expelled from the Garden of Eden, but by diligence, search and grace, we may gain heaven.

Each word in the Scriptures has been studied and pondered, and the retelling of the parables in verse is based on strictest scholarship.

A word about the form. Each stanza consists of thirteen lines, and only two basic rhymes are used throughout each stanza. All through the retelling of the parables, no one rhyme is repeated.

-Elizabeth Borton de Trevino





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