NPH Mexico: We Pray For You

Children at NPH Mexico share their thoughts and feelings through art work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also praying that their godparents and donors are safe.
September 28, 2020 - Mexico

Isabel*, a child at Casa San Salvador, Miacatlan, expresses herself through artistic activities to help relieve the stress caused by COVID-19.

NPH Mexico fully comprehends that donors and sponsors are concerned about the children during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine, over 700,000 people in Mexico have contracted the virus, resulting in over 70,000 deaths. Such news can provoke worry amongst members of the NPH family, near or far.

Fortunately, the children are well, with health and care staff following the prevention measures established by the World Health Organization and local authorities in the country in order to keep the COVID-19 virus out of the NPH Mexico homes.

However, the staff have had to face new challenges, especially as the children have a lot of energy to burn caused by the anxieties of the quarantine. Therefore, caregivers had had to be creative in finding activities to keep them occupied with recreational activities, by organizing soccer matches and board games, amongst other activities. One of the activities children have most enjoyed has been through artistic pursuits, some of which have involved creating images using natural resources and materials, such as tree leaves, to help the children release the stress caused by the pandemic.

The children are aware of the impact of the pandemic in other countries and worry for the health of their godparents and their families, praying to God to ensure their safety. The children also know that with your help it has been possible to continue fighting against COVID-19, receiving healthy food, face masks, antibacterial gel, and all the necessary preventive measures to face this pandemic. Therefore, through their art, they have shared their love, thoughts and prayers with you, using videos and drawings.

NPH Mexico sincerely hopes that you are all well and the children send you greetings and a virtual hug, hoping to see you very soon.

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Linette Gómez   
Communications Officer




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