Year in Review: NPH Bolivia targets quality of life in 2019

NPH Bolivia continued its strategic focus on supporting children and communities with special projects in agriculture and construction, plus high-potential local fundraising initiatives.
February 4, 2020 - Bolivia

NPH Bolivia's garden program has been a phenomenon throughout 2019, enabling children to learn about sustainability and gardening.

Success no. 1: Healthy Garden and Agriculture Projects

10 out of 12 of our children's houses started their own garden project and grew a variety of vegetables. In addition, NPH Bolivia was able to secure funding for a new tractor. These gardens give the children a chance to learn new skills in the field as well as learn the values of responsibility and patience.

NPH Bolivia has its own farm-to-table phenomenon. Food grown in our children’s gardens is taken to the kitchen to be used for meals, thus supplementing the NPH Bolivia budget. The new tractor cost US$53,000 and will greatly help with our agricultural program. Plus, using the tractor to cut grass and clear fields will create more recreational activity areas for our kids to play in.

Success no. 2: Widespread Rebuilding Across the Home

NPH Bolivia continued its house rebuilding project with the completion of three houses in 2019. Casa Madre Teresa, Casa Angeles de Dios, and Casa Betania were rebuilt with more durable windows, walls, and roofs that will be more secure, especially during the difficult rainy season. We were also able to build a dairy and a cow pasture. With the dairy, the home will purchase more milking cows in a move toward greater sustainability and a positive impact on the annual budget.

For 2020, NPH Bolivia is looking to completely renovate the comedor, the heart of the home. This area is where the kids and staff eat together, gather for large family events, hang out, work, watch movies together, celebrate Mass, and practice piano. The space is in use many hours each day. The renovation will make it secure and welcoming for the children.

Success no. 3: Local Fundraising Takes Hold

This year Marketing Director Mark Vera joined NPH Bolivia to oversee marketing, communications, and projects. The new director launched local marketing and fundraising campaigns and has already secured US$40,000 in local donations.

This new stream of local revenue and the potential for more has encourage the home to approach its budget with a new mindset. The home is strengthening ties with Bolivian businesses and sharing the impact of NPH with the local population. The home hopes to reach its goal of US$50,000 in local donations very soon and continue growing its local footprint.

“Here in Bolivia we are very thankful for all the support received from our godparents, donors, and visitors. In 2019 more people got to know our beautiful home and amazing children,” says NPH Bolivia National Director Tom Kuiper.

“Last year we focused on four areas: education, sustainability, local fundraising, and community programs. We were able to achieve a number of very concrete goals, like opening a computer room in the school, the construction of a cow stable, and the complete renovation of our homes,” adds Tom.

“In 2020 we hope to complete a research project focused on our community programs, and then take action so that we can help even more children and increase our impact in the communities.”

Interested in being an agent for change and supporting progressive programs at NPH Bolivia? Visit to see how you can support our children and communities.

Brad Bobel   
Communications Officer




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