A Field Trip to the Zoo

The NPH Honduras Montessori program organized its first big trip to Joya Grande Zoo. Read about their experience here!
November 19, 2018 - Honduras

Who’s ready for a field trip? 

For many of us, going to the zoo for the first time ranks high on our personal list of favorite childhood memories. Wanting to give our kids the same fun and exploratory experience, the Montessori school staff worked hard to plan a field trip to Joya Grande Zoo. Here’s a breakdown of the day's events:

Friday October 12th, 2018

5:00 AM: It’s pitch dark outside and the big yellow NPH bus and van are revved up and ready to load with kids and teachers. We’ve got a long drive ahead of us, but ready or not, here we come!

6:00AM: By this time, we’re passing through Tegucigalpa and everyone is excited for the big trip. The kids are singing along to their favorite tunes and chatting about everything under the sun. It’s hard to miss the beautiful views of clouds settling beneath the mountain peaks as we drive down the winding roads of the Pan-American highway.

10:00AM: We’re still not there yet, but the fog is gone and the sun is shining. Palm trees replace pine trees as we cross into the tropical town of Santa Cruz de Yohoa.

12:00 PM: We’ve finally made it! We get in line and wait for our entrance bracelets, and soon enough the kids are face to face with exotic animals they’ve only seen in books or on TV! Curiosity fills their eyes as they stare at a giant giraffe, majestic tigers, and colorful macaws.

3:00PM: Question: Who’s hungry? Answer: Everyone! It’s time to take a break and get lunch before our next activity.

4:00PM: Splish splash! You won’t stay dry for long around here; everyone is running around, jumping in the pool, laughing, and screaming.

6:00PM: It’s been a long day of travel, exploration, and fun, but nothing would be complete without stopping by Wendy’s for a happy meal!

8:00PM: Tummies full and bodies ready to rest, it’s time to leave. Everyone drifts soundly asleep as our driver, Carlos, navigates back through the winding roads leading to home.

Arielle Augustin   
Communications Officer




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