Older Brothers and Sisters Come Back to Visit

Former pequeños return to the ranch for an exciting event!
November 4, 2017 - Honduras

Big Brothers and Sisters return to NPH Honduras Home

“NPH is a family, no matter how old you are,” explains Stefan Feuerstein, NPH Honduras’ National Director.

The Hermanos Mayores program works to make sure this applies to the over 500 former youth from NPH Honduras who have since moved on to lead independent lives; they are known as 'Hermanos Mayores'.

Farid Morel, the former Coordinator of the Hermanos Mayor Program, helps to ensure that those who used to live in our home remain part of the NPH family.

While Farid is currently in a 10-month leadership program in Seattle, the department has welcomed a new coordinator, Antonio Cantillano.

The program is also in charge of one of the most exciting annual events of the year: “Dia de Hermanos Mayores” (or “Big Brothers and Sisters Day”).

“It is a significant day where former pequeños (NPH youth) can return to the ranch with their families to meet old friends and show their children where they grew up,” Farid explained.

The Hermanos Mayores team is responsible for sending out invitations, which can be difficult as Hermanos Mayores from Honduras living in all parts of the country.

“Many Hermanos Mayors live in Tegucigalpa (only 35 km away from the ranch), but a larger portion are living in San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba. That can be a dangerous five to eight-hour drive,” Farid explains.

These obstacles did not stop the over 300 attendees from making it to the ranch.

“Dia de Hermanos Mayores” was filled with games, food, and a formal presentation about the state of the home. It also provided many with a glimpse at their former home and a chance to reflect.

“I was here [NPH Honduras] for around six years more or less. I was almost one of the pioneering pequeños. I think that when I entered there were only 45-46 kids” said Henry Florez, a former NPH youth who graduated from the NPH high school in 1987.

Many things have changed since Henry’s time with NPH Honduras in the 1980’s.

“This school, most of these buildings have been put up since I left. We had to go in bus to go to school out in Talanga (a town more than 25 km outside of the ranch).”

These successful Hermanos Mayores continue to be an inspiration to the children living here today. Hermanos Mayores often return for semi-annual soccer tournaments, school presentations, and other ranch-wide events.

Henry continued, “I studied here and graduated from high school here in 1987. I have my own business now. I have an auto repair store in La Paz, and apart from this business, I also have my degree in Social Sciences.”

For Henry, one of the best parts about the program is how it helps him keep in touch with those with whom he grew up.

“I still am in contact with people from my generation on the ranch; they are still my friends. We still have the same good relationship that we had when living here at NPH together.”

Riley Sexton   
Communication Officer




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