Día del Niño Celebration

A ranch-wide celebration of the children's hard work this year!
September 25, 2017 - Honduras

Mateo, volunteer and physical therapist, with the children

“There are so many balloons!” exclaimed Hipolito*, “and we get to play games too."

Hipolito wasn’t the only one who was excited during the “Día del Niño” celebration at NPH Honduras. Students and teachers alike were enjoying the annual celebration of children, a national Honduran holiday.

“It is a beautiful day; the kids are able to run around and spend time with students they do not see as often” Profa Ena, the director of special needs programs at the school, explained.

Indeed, there is a lot of running around throughout the day.

Game stations are set up throughout the different playground areas. Students separate into teams based on grade and compete to get the most points at each station. Teachers, staff, and volunteers help coordinate the games.

“Run, quickly, quickly!” encourages Maria to the younger children participating in a ball race. The games involve skill and tests of strength.

The adults are not the only ones helping the day run smoothly. Many of the pequeños (NPH youth) in the higher grades have volunteered to assist with the day. Some of them are even in charge of their own stations.

“It’s a pretty tough day to be honest. Setting everything up, getting enough supplies, then working with the really little ones can take a lot out of you. But it is a lot of fun in the end” explained Jose*, a pequeño in eighth grade.

Celebrating the children’s accomplishments over the past year also involves a pinch of humility from the adults. Mateo, a volunteer physical therapist, was particularly impressed by the song and dance the teachers put on in front of the whole assembly. “It is a moment where all of the kids are together, which I think is one of the things that makes this home special,” Mateo reflected.

“It is a privileged moment and I think the kids have worked hard to earn it,” Mateo added.

“I really like the balloons and the bubbles. We also get ice cream with our teachers later!” explained Hipolito.

*Names changed to protect privacy.

Riley Sexton   
Communication Officer




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