Confirmation Day

With the help of the Religion Department, NPH children recently celebrated their Confirmation.
September 25, 2017 - Honduras

Ivan* helping another pequeño (NPH youth) wear a tie for the first time

Getting a group of kids on a school bus can take quite a bit of preparation under normal circumstances, and with new wardrobes and the anticipation of meeting the Cardinal of Honduras, it was a challenge this one morning for our family.

But as one of the over 20 children who are to be confirmed, Ivan* looks calm and ready. “I am not nervous. After going to class for six months, I am excited to go,” Ivan explains.

Confirmation day is special for our children. Sitting next to their sponsors and having an excursion is a treat.

In preparation for the Holy Sacrament of Confirmation, children work with the religion team here at NPH Honduras. Confirmation classes run for six months, meeting once each week. Girls attend class on a Monday, while the boys have class on a Wednesday. The classes function as a place for the children to learn, grow deeper in their faith, and also better understand it, all under the support and direction from their spiritual leaders.

“They ask a lot of important questions during our classes,” said Santos Federico Osorto Rodriguez, the Director of the Religion Department. He goes by Federico with the children, and manages a department responsible for the spiritual development of our youth. This year alone, the staff helped lead 23 children to their Confirmations, and over 20 to their First Communion.

Our pequeños (NPH youth) are noticeably different after returning from mass and serving as role models for other kids. The pequeños took notice of the investment the adults were making. “At first I thought it was going to be like another class for school, but I enjoyed it,” Ivan explained.

Ivan described his classes as a mix of lectures and more open discussions. “You can ask any questions about what we are learning. Some of the theology was confusing, but Federico was always very patient.”

“It is always a significant experience receiving a sacrament for the first time. The children are receiving God's grace which always changes someone. You can tell the kids are soaking in the information and growing as a result,” Federico explains.

All of the studying and classes seemed to pay off as the children exited the bus. As the children entered the church, each was smiling and excited to be confirmed.

The homily was a fitting message for the children to become full members of the church. Known for his humility and commitment to peace, the Cardinal Rodriguez encouraged those attending to “take faith into your own hands and help those in need.”

“You are not only becoming a full member of the church today; you are making a promise to all of those here today that you will live up to its ideals,” Cardinal Rodriguez explained.

After the mass, Ivan was pleased to have participated. “It was an inspiring experience, and I am glad I was able to share it with my brothers and sisters here at NPH.”

*Name changed to protect privacy.

Riley Sexton   
Communication Officer




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