Always greeted people with a warm smile.
October 8, 2014 - Guatemala

Marita's warm smile.

Dear friends,

This morning our NPH Guatemala family suffered the loss of our pequeña, Maria Elizabeth Juarez Bolon. After spending several days in the hospital on ventilation, Marita (as we lovingly called her) lost a long time battle with chronic illness.

Marita came to NPH in 1999 with her older brother Erik and twin brother Jose. Maria turned eighteen this year and melted the hearts of all she knew with a warm smile. She had a strong personality, quick wit, and a very special love for the dedicated clinic staff of NPH Guatemala and NPHI Medical Services, who were by her side at every moment over the past 15 years.

We will hold the wake in Casa San Andres this evening and the funeral mass tomorrow afternoon. As per the wishes of her older brother Erik, Marita will be buried at our local cemetery in Parramos, where those who loved her most will be able to visit her.

This week has been a trying time for our family, and we humbly ask your prayers for strength, consolation and peace. We pray that Marita find her eternal rest and watch over us all with the loving smile we all knew so well.

Paz y bien,

Christopher Hoyt   
National Director, NPH Guatemala




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