The Boys Hit the Beach

A quick jaunt over to the ocean leaves the boys relaxed and refreshed.
April 9, 2012 - Honduras

Oscar gives the "thumbs-up" as he rides a wave to shore.

It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and the boys of Rancho Santa Fe are wide-awake. Two school buses packed to the brim with food, mattresses, and one hundred and twenty enthusiastic pequeños are ready for departure. Fast forward six hours and these same two buses are parked at a breezy beach, the boys riding the waves of the ocean, the food sizzling on a skillet, and the mattresses placed strategically on the sand in anticipation of the stars that will later occupy the night’s sky. Welcome to camping with Rancho Santa Fe.

Each year just before Semana Santa, the Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday, the pequeños of NPH Honduras go camping. While some children pass the time with their family members, those who cannot visit family enjoy a fun excursion away from NPH. Actually, there are several excursions, as the children are split into three different groups—the boys, the girls, and the little ones—each going on their own separate outings. This year the boys ventured to Cedeño, a small southern beach town in the Golf of Fonseca on the Pacific coastline, where they enjoyed a refreshing vacation from work and school.

Arriving at 9:30 am Friday morning, the group had the entire day to pass on the beach. Taking safety provisions first, the tíos divided everybody in small groups that would look after each other, making sure everyone was always accounted for. After this talk the majority of the boys sprinted straight for the water.

In the ocean they played off and on until nightfall, dodging and riding the waves with their giant inflatable toys. “Here comes a big one!” was a phrase often heard as the boys prepared themselves moments before a giant rolling wave came crashing down overhead.

The younger ones stayed closer to the shore, building sculptures in the sand, often trying to outrun the tide as it chased them further and further up the beach. “I liked to dig in the sand and collect all the shells that I found,” said nine-year-old Moises.

Outside the water, people enjoyed games of beach volleyball and soccer, always appreciating the nearby ocean as a source to cool-off after an intense match. Finally, some simply relaxed in the shade, helping prepare food, sharing good conversation and maybe even taking a nice breezy nap.

As the sunset, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal with fried fish as the main course. After dinner, the Father gave a brief religious reflection and then many settled in for bed. Good thing they called it an early night, because as the sun rose early and heated up the campsite, many were back in the water by 7:00 am! After a delicious lunch, the boys piled back in the buses and started their journey home.

The boys have since returned to the Ranch and have just finished their Holy Week activities, which ended on Easter Sunday. Classes have begun again and the ordinary routine is back in swing. While it’s good to be home and have things back to normal, everyone truly enjoyed the refreshing break at the beach and is very appreciative of all the tíos and other employees who organized this fun-filled event.

Hunter Johnson   
Communication Officer - NPH Honduras




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