Raúl Ocampo Ríos

Remembering our Beloved Superman.
September 18, 2009 - Mexico

Raúl Ocampo Ríos

Our beloved older brother, Raúl Ocampos Ríos, passed away yesterday afternoon after a long illness.

Raul suffered from a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. He was 55 years old when he passed away yesterday, the same age as NPH. Raul entered the pequeños as a child, and impressed many people with his spunk and intelligence. In spite of the early onset of neurologic problems, he studied law, and worked for a time as a lawyer. His ability to leap over seemingly insurmountable obstacles earned him the nickname “Superman”, and he’s still known as “Super” today.

When Super could no longer live independently, he returned to the NPH home. When his needs increased, he moved to the clinic. Several years ago, the clinic expanded their workforce by three nurses, so that Super could have the round the clock attention he required. When he became unable to control the muscles required for eating, he began to receive nutrition through a tube into his stomach. In May, his chest muscles weakened so much that he could longer move enough air with each breath to maintain his oxygen saturation, so he received continuous supplemental oxygen.

As an institution dedicated to caring for orphaned and abandoned children, we felt overwhelmed by Super’s needs. We looked for another institution that could provide this care to him, and found none. Father Wasson loved Raul dearly, and visited him every time he came to the clinic. When he heard we were looking for outside placement, he chided us, and begged us to leave Raul with his brothers and sisters, in a place filled with love.

Yesterday morning Father Philip Cleary was called to Super’s bedside because his condition had worsened considerably during the night. “Super was anointed early this afternoon and passed away a couple of hours later. His long suffering is over and our faith assures us that he now enjoys the eternal reward he so much deserves. Funeral mass and burial will be in Miacatlan on Saturday morning. Please keep Super and your NPH family here in Mexico in your prayers. God bless,” says Father Phil.

Susan Haverkamp and Daniela Greilich   
Medical Director Mexico / Home Correspondent




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