Year in Review: NPH Honduras Makes Great Strides in 2019

Welcoming special needs children, building in local communities, and developing leaders are among the 2019 achievements for NPH Honduras.
January 22, 2020 - Honduras

Success no. 1: 17 boys with special needs join the NPH family

Success no. 1: 17 boys with special needs join the NPH family

In January 2019, NPH Honduras welcomed 17 boys with special needs to our family after their residential care facility was shut down by government officials for abuse and neglect.

The boys were integrated into three of our special needs homes. A fourth home, San Andres, was remodeled to better suit their care needs. Eight caregivers, two functional therapists, and two special education teachers were added to our team. NPH’s interdisciplinary approach to care offers the boys a standard of living that they might not have found elsewhere. NPH is recognized by the Honduran government as one of the best and largest organizations in the country working with children who live with chronic and severe disabilities.

In 2020, NPH Honduras will continue to provide rehabilitative therapies. Further remodeling of the San Andres facility as well as creating personalized life plans for each of these boys will provide them with a better quality of care.

Success no. 2: The San José Family Center

In conjunction with the Lipoid Foundation, NPH Honduras began construction of the San José Family Center to serve the neighboring communities of Mata de Plátano and Pueblo Nuevo.

Our team—comprising a social worker, functional therapist, psychologist, teacher, and volunteer physical therapist—is currently working with four schools in the area to conduct evaluations to identify and address common problems, such as healthcare disparity, domestic violence, drug abuse, social exclusion, crime, and poverty.

NPH Honduras is expanding its scope beyond the walls of the NPH home to focus on supporting families before they encounter the difficulties that result in their disintegration. NPH initiatives support education and foster empowerment. The center will deliver services not readily provided by the state or accessible to those living in rural areas.

Next year, NPH Honduras plans to complete construction on the family center, employ additional local staff, and provide tutoring to 47 children and rehabilitative therapy for 31 individuals with special needs.

Success no. 3: Hermanos mayores as leaders

During 2019, the number of NPH Honduras hermanos mayores (graduates of the NPH system) serving in top leadership positions grew. In this group of alumni, Marlon Velásquez, longtime national director of NPH Nicaragua, was joined by Rafael Arce, the newly appointed national director of NPH Peru, and Dr. Edwin Vallecillo, our new NPHI Director of Medical Services.

Out of 22 hermanos mayores employed by NPH Honduras and our healthcare partner One World Surgery, 10 of them serve in leadership positions. NPH encourages hermanos mayores to remain involved with NPH because it reinforces the principle that NPH is a family for life. And it fulfills our founder Father Wasson’s vision of pequeños growing up to become independent adults who help their brothers and sisters.

These leaders serve as role models of independent, productive, and caring members of society, not only gainfully employed, but also giving back to the community where they were raised. In years to come, the Hermanos Mayores program hopes to continue providing financial, social, and educational support to adult pequeños to help them achieve their goals and be independent, while remaining part of the NPH family.

"Our successes are your successes; our joys are enabled by your kindness. Through your support, the dreams of our children are realized. Through your generosity, their possibilities are endless. Through your love, their hearts are lifted so that they can shine and be the light to the world that they were born to be," says Stephen O'Mahony, National Director of NPH Honduras.

"On behalf of them, I thank you with all my heart for everything that you do for us.”

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Arielle Augustin   
Volunteer Coordinator, NPH Honduras




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