The Christmas Spirit Endures in Honduras

Eliana joined the NPH Honduras family when she was five months old. Christmas remains her favorite time of year at Rancho Santa Fe.
December 13, 2019 - Honduras

Meet Eliana, a kind, playful, and spunky girl who’s all about Christmas!

Christmas is recognized all over the world as an occasion for individuals to reunite with their families and share quality time with each other. But what does it mean to bring that special sense of family spirit to NPH, a place where the definition of family extends beyond the bounds of biology?

Just ask Eliana: a kind, spunky, and playful nine-year-old living at NPH Honduras. Having arrived here at just five months old, she’s spent her fair share of Christmases at NPH and has experienced firsthand what it means to be a part of our family.

The days leading up to Christmas are filled with activities and excitement: preparing special meals, going shopping for new clothes, and putting up decorations in their homes are a few of the cool things that kids at NPH Honduras get to do.

“During winter break, I play with my friends, decorate my home, and go to the soccer tournament. My favorite parts are receiving gifts and participating in all the activities,” she says.

Christmas spirit is something that takes over the entire community, especially in her home, Hijas del Pilar. According to her caregiver Danubia, Christmas has such a special effect on the home because, “the girls are finished with their classes and get to bond over activities like decorating the Christmas tree, which creates a great sense of harmony.”

Enriching this sense of togetherness is the act of sharing: Eliana enjoys eating a delicious Christmas meal of nacatamales outside with all the girls and caregivers in her home. The group also visits neighboring communities to donate clothes and food to the less fortunate.

“I feel like I’m with my family when I’m here because I like to share with everyone—my friends, my caregivers, and all the other kids here. It all feels very family-like!”

Eliana’s testimony serves as a great reminder that the best sense of family spirit comes from a Christmas based on sharing.

Consider sharing your family spirit with NPH Honduras by contacting your local NPH officetoday.

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Arielle Augustin
Communication Officer




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