Educational Success in the NPH OneFamily Program

Ismael* and his family are thriving in school and at home in the NPH OneFamily program.
August 6, 2018 - Honduras

Ismael is excited to be back home with his mother!

“I miss my friends at NPH Honduras, but I am so happy to be living with my mom,” explains Ismael,* a 13-year-old boy in the NPH OneFamily program in Honduras.

Ismael now lives 30 minutes away from NPH Honduras with his family. His mother lived at NPH Honduras while recovering from a stroke, but has now improved and is ready to take on the responsibility of watching after her children. Regina* and Scarleth,* Ismael’s older sisters, are also supported through the program and live with him.

“I am very grateful for NPH and for their work” Ismael’s mother explains. Among the most significant changes for the family has been the support the children have received for their education.

Our NPH OneFamily program directly helps families stay together by providing ongoing support to the family and meeting the children’s needs that the family would not be able to achieve alone, ensuring that children can grow and thrive together in a safe and stable family environment.

Our NPH OneFamily team also includes two psychologists that talk with the family as a group and with the children individually. “We are working with the children to ensure that they continue to get the same level of support they received at Rancho Santa Fe (NPH Honduras),” explains Yessica Banegas, the full-time psychologist with the NPH OneFamily Program.

“NPH has helped us with all of their school supplies and given the children support,” Ismael’s mother continues.

Beyond providing fiscal support, the team does ongoing educational meetings with the family to explain the importance of study habits and goal setting.

“We are always trying to work with the parents, so they understand the child’s needs. While the parents are happy to be living with their children again, it can be a difficult adjustment to start helping their children with school work,” explains Jenny Funez, a social worker with the NPH OneFamily program.

The hard work of the children and the NPH team seems to be paying off. All three of the children are in school: Regina is at a private university on a full scholarship, Scarleth is at a local technical high school, and Ismael is excelling in third grade.

While Ismael seems appreciative of all of the things going on to help him succeed, he is also personally very focused on his studies.

“I got a 100% on my math test the other week, but I think my favorite subject right now is my science class,” Ismael concludes with pride.

*Names Changed for Privacy Purposes

Riley Sexton   
Communications Officer




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