Saying goodbye to Juan Angel

An message about Juan from our Co-National Director
July 6, 2015 - Honduras

Dear Friends and Family,

NPH Honduras said goodbye on Friday to Juan Angel Acosta. Only nine years old, Juan has suffered from extreme renal deficiency and deterioration his entire life. While battling this, along with a myriad of other extensive medical complications, Juan Angel was still the life and joy of our home in Casa Angeles since his arrival in 2012. Often referred to as the ‘battery’ of the home, Juan was upbeat, full of energy, funny and always the light in the room.

In and out of the hospital over the last few months, his condition deteriorated in the last weeks and he remained in the hospital for treatment. Thursday night, he experienced a seizure that moved him into the critical care unit, as he had unstable blood pressure which caused his heart to finally stop early Friday morning.

A beautiful somber, but celebratory Mass was held at Casa Angeles while we kept vigil Friday night. He was surrounded by those who knew and loved him best, and along with pequeños from all over the city who came together to say goodbye to this young boy who taught us all so much about how life. He taught us that regardless of its challenges, life can be lived with joy and kindness. The rest of his NPH family joined us on Saturday morning when we laid Juan to rest.

The joy and beauty Juan brought to all of those close to him, especially in Casa Angeles, will be deeply missed. He was well loved, and his memory will remain cemented in all of our hearts. Truly an angel, a hero, an pure example of embracing the joy and beauty of life in the midst of unfair, undeserved and painful circumstances, we can only take solace in the fact that he is now sharing his joy with the angels above. He is now at rest, no longer in pain, and no longer forced to fight against his own body. We ask that you keep Juan, those in Casa Angeles, and all who knew and loved him in your prayers.

God bless you,


Ross Egge   
Co-National Director




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