A Voice With a Story

Meet Frida*, a nine-year-old girl who came to NPH first to find a home, tell a story, and sing a song.
August 14, 2018 - Honduras

Frida* shines a brilliant smile as she shows off a medal that she was awarded for performing at a talent show for children with disabilities.

"Es nuestra misión cuidarla,” – “It is our mission to care for it,”

“no olvidemos protegerla.” – “To not forget to protect it.”

“Nuestro hogar es el planeta,” – “The planet is our home,”

“la tierra es nuestro hogar..." – “The Earth is hour home.”

By now, everyone at NPH Honduras knows the song's chorus by heart. That youthful and joyful voice, the one gently reminding us to treat the planet like our home, belongs to none other than Frida.*

This bright, confident, and sweet girl of nine years has been a part of the NPH family for only five months and has already become the unofficial star of the ranch. She is known by all for her singing and lively character. But don’t be fooled, she doesn't just use her voice to promote environmental awareness or serenade audiences, she also uses it to benefit those that she cares about.

On March 12th of 2018, Frida, along with seven other children, arrived to NPH from a home for children with disabilities that the government recently closed. This stressful situation was dually complicated by the fact that none of the children came with legal documents. But Frida, being the only one of the eight children who could verbally express herself, took the responsibility of speaking for them and provided NPH staff and government officials with important information about their biographies.

Amidst the confusion of those first few days at NPH, her talent for singing and public speaking was discovered. Staff members would overhear her singing evangelical songs to herself, and naturally, the word spread to the religious department, who invited her to sing. Soon enough, she would start singing solo and would begin performing frequently, first at mass, then at competitions, and, most recently, at events like the Neuro Talent Show, hosted by Fundacion Javier for children with special needs. When asked how she feels before getting in front of a crowd, she says “I feel nervous, but when I start to sing I don't feel nervous anymore."

With the same courage that she uses to overcome pre-performance jitters, she faces the world, not letting anything, even her visual impairment, hold her back. Her greatest talent, though, might have less to do with her vocal cords and more to do with the noble heart and positive attitude with which she faces adversity.

According to her caregivers and teachers, Frida’s transition was difficult not only because she had forced to leave her former home and was now one of the “new kids,” but also because she is a child who has special needs. To help integrate her into her new community, volunteers simulated an activity in which the other children learned to empathize with her condition. Fitted with a new pair of glasses and a strong desire to learn, Frida now attends courses at the special needs department, all the while teaching the rest of us about what it is like to live as a differently-abled individual.

Frida's start at NPH may not have been easy for her, but her future looks very promising. When she isn’t singing at mass, studying in school, or leading a prayer, you’ll find her playing outside with her classmates. “NPH is a beautiful place and everyone is my friend!” she says.

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Arielle Augustin   
Communications Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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