A Day in the Life of Lizbeth

Explore NPH Honduras through a friendly six-year-old's daily experiences.
September 20, 2019 - Honduras

Today we’re following Lizbeth, a loving, friendly, and helpful six-year-old, as she goes about her day.

Meet Lizbeth. This bright, bubbly, and energetic six-year-old girl shakes your hand and befriends you before you realize it.

Today Lizbeth is going to guide you around the Santa Fe Ranch at NPH Honduras, situated 36 kilometers outside Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. It’s where she passes her time with her older sisters Marie age 8 and Lola age 11, as well as her many friends, playing games, attending school, and enjoying her childhood.

For the most part, she’s a carefree child with a smile that warms those around her. She impresses those who meet her; however, it hasn’t always been easy for Lizbeth.

Her country of origin, Honduras, is often in the news for the wrong reasons. Like many of the countries where NPH has homes, the nation suffers from some of the world’s highest crime, poverty, and gender inequality rates, making populations, especially children, particularly vulnerable. Despite advances in economic and social development, many children live without access to quality education, healthcare, and secure shelter.

Though Lizbeth and her sisters previously found themselves living under some of those very same circumstances, Lizbeth’s life is much different today:

Good morning, girls. Time to get up! At the sound of her caregiver’s voice, Lizbeth’s eyes flutter open. The sun is rising and it’s time to start the day. Along with 15 other girls she lives with in Casa Suyapa, our home for our youngest children, she makes the transition from dream-filled sleepiness to energetic alertness. After a morning shower, she takes her medicine, eats breakfast, and brushes her teeth, and heads out for a brisk walk to the Santa Fe school.

Like any other kindergartener, learning ABCs and 123s is Lizbeth’s top priority. But the best part about the Montessori program is Lizbeth and her peers have the freedom to travel to different learning stations where they read books, practice writing letters in sand, or play with objects at the sensory station. Today she chooses to sit in the reading corner and read a book about animals.

Knock, knock! Soon enough, Macarena, our volunteer occupational therapist, is waiting at the classroom door to bring Lizbeth to her room for sessions. Since Macarena is also the volunteer assigned to Lizbeth’s home, they find lots of things to talk and laugh about while they run through fun exercises, like using a swing to develop Lizbeth’s sensory and motor skills.

After school, she and her friends walk home with their caregivers. Once there, they switch out of their uniforms and do chores before eating lunch. Lizbeth’s caregivers like to joke that she’s “no friend of a broom or a mop,” but she gets the job done and is always willing to offer a helping hand to whomever needs it, often asking them, “can I help you wash dishes or serve food?”

In addition to providing her with nutritious meals and keeping her active, every now and then Lizbeth and her caregivers make special visits to the clinic to make sure she’s growing up big and strong. There Dr. Edwin and his friendly staff measure her height and weight. He even check her ears, which gives Lizbeth the giggles.

As she walks back from the clinic, the sun is setting, which means that it’s time to play! Tag and role-playing games like “doctor” are a huge hit at the courts. If it’s a weekend, there’s even more excitement since Lizbeth gets to participate in planned activities with all of the other homes. That means volunteers like Macarena and her sisters Marie and Lola will be there to join in.

Everyone works up a big appetite chasing each other around the court. At dinnertime she and the rest of the kids in her home gather around and sit in a big circle with their volunteers and caregivers. But before digging in, they say a prayer to bless their food and give thanks for having a good meal to eat.

With a full tummy and a body tired after a day of playing and learning, it’s bedtime. Lizbeth takes a shower, changes into her pajamas, and brushes her teeth. After her caregiver gives her medicine, she crawls into bed, where soon she’ll be sound asleep.

And just like that, Lizbeth’s day starts and ends with plenty of magical moments in between. Our greatest hope at NPH is that she has many more days like this to come.

Children’s names have been changed to protect their privacy.

Are you interested in seeing NPH Honduras for yourself? Contact our visitor coordinator in Honduras to find out more.

Arielle Augustin   
Communications Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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