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The Magic of Milk

How proper nutrition and many bottles of milk are helping one child.
August 28, 2017 - Honduras

Jaqueline enjoying one of her many bottles of milk she receives each day.

Jaqueline* is one of the most recent additions to our family and at only two years old; she one of the youngest children at NPH Honduras. Also, she loves milk.

Nutrition was a significant issue for Jaqueline before coming to NPH Honduras. While a happy infant, Jaqueline suffered from a lack of consistent meals and excessive time spent in her crib. This led to her being behind others her age in developing fine motor skills.

Here at NPH Honduras, we assure she has three meals, an afternoon snack, and (most excitingly for her) many glasses of milk each day. Consuming nutritious meals has resulted in positive physical and emotional changes. No longer having to worry where her next meal will come from, Jaqueline now focuses on exploring and having fun.

On a recent afternoon following Montessori class, Jaqueline plays with children twice her age. She is much more social now than in her first week at NPH, and has developed healthy table manners.

“She enjoys playing with the other children during free time. You can see how much more energy she has now as we walk around,” Elizabeth, her caregiver explains.

While children drink milk often with meals, Jaqueline is the only child at NPH young enough to drink out of a bottle and needs particular infant's milk formula. Her eyes light up when she sees her bottle come out of the caregiver’s bag.

“She will start drinking the same milk as the other children soon, but for now we have to take extra time as she is still adjusting to being here in our home,” Elizabeth comments.

While the youngest child at our NPH Honduras home, Elizabeth insists Jaqueline should not be underestimated. "She can drink more milk than the other kids, which is funny, because she is half the size of the other pequeños (NPH youth) she lives with.”

Beyond the individualized nutrition, Jaqueline also receives one-on-one physical therapy sessions each week. Jaqueline was behind other children in her physical development as a result of not being given enough food and spending too much time in her crib.

“You should see a change (transitioning from crawling to walking) at this age, but she has not yet,” Katharina, a full-time physical therapist at NPH Honduras, explains.

When she arrived, she was not able to crawl short distances without assistance. The individual attention and the milk are starting to make an impact, though. Jaqueline scrambles quickly and with vigor between physical therapy toys.

Having the energy to do her exercises has made Jaqueline's improvement possible. Jaqueline has a way to go before she is back on track with her physical development. However, her home here at NPH Honduras is up to helping her meet the challenges, one step and bottle of milk at a time.

*Name changed to protect privacy.

Riley Sexton   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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