A Student and Trail Blazer

Sandra, a participant in the NPH community scholarship program, reflects on her education and goals for the future.
August 13, 2018 - Honduras

Sandra during math class in her community's school.

Tucked away among the pines in the high elevation of the mountains, an hour drive from NPH Honduras, sits the Pueblo Nuevo Technical High School.

“It is far away from the city and the highways, but there are a lot of people that live in the community,” explains Sandra,* a recipient of educational financial support through the NPH community scholarship program.

By working with local community leaders and organizers, NPH Honduras’s community service organizer, Gloria, helps promising students attend school. Through an assessment of both academic achievement and financial need, the students are given different levels of funding to participate in high schools and universities.

“Many times, the high schools or universities the children should be going to cost too much. Saving up for uniforms and school supplies can be more than some can afford, let alone the cost of tuition and transportation,” Gloria explains.

The middle school Sandra went to was the public school that served her local community. While Sandra says she learned the basics there, she felt unchallenged.

“I was always a good student, but I felt like I was missing something. There was nothing after school to help those that wanted to get ahead. It felt like we were doing the same thing each week. Things are better here though!” Sandra confirms.

Sandra, in her final year of high school, is set to graduate with a focus in accounting and economics, and she is acutely conscious of the changes the scholarship has brought to her life.

“The change that came after this scholarship were big changes. It has helped me with all of the necessities. I was able to continue my education; my parents were only able to help support fiscally through middle school,” Sandra continues.

Sandra uses the funds from the scholarship to pay for school tuition, the required uniform, school supplies, and for the shoe that she walks to and from school in each day. Because of this support, she has been able to focus on her classes. She is an honor roll student and is on track to graduate.

“My mother made it through the first half of 5th grade, and my father only made it through 3rd grade. Because of this scholarship, I will be the first person in my family to graduate high school and attend University,” Sandra beams.

Her three years at the technical high school have helped shape her ambitions and set achievable goals.

“My goals for right now are to graduate high school, pass my entrance exam, and graduate from university.”

When pressed for other hobbies Sandra doubled down on her commitment: “I am really focused on school, and I am not interested in a lot of other things right now.”

“My younger sister is nine and is in the local elementary school. My younger brother is 13 years old and is currently in the prep school. I want to set a good example for them and show them what you can achieve if you are given a chance.”

*Names changed for privacy purposes.

Riley Sexton   
Communications Officer

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