Narciso* Reflects on Faith

Narciso*, a child here at NPH Honduras for most of his life, reflects on the importance of faith.
April 2, 2018 - Honduras

Narciso* preparing to serve during mass.

Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™, inspired by Christian values, strives to create a safe and loving home, one where our children can grow both physically as well as in their faith. Narciso,* age 12, came to the NPH family when he was not yet one year old. In growing from a small child to a young adolescent at NPH Honduras, Narciso has considered the church a staple of time with NPH.

"I grew up here and ever since I can remember we have been going to mass each Saturday. I cannot remember a time when the church was not a part of my life. Ever since I was in Casa Suyapa (the smallest children's home)," Narciso explains.

In addition to weekly mass, NPH has supported Narciso in his faith through education. NPH Honduras ensures that each child who wants to partake in the Holy Sacraments is able to, and provides ongoing religious training.

"I was confirmed last year, and I had my first communion a few years before that. I really liked the classes and working with Federico (the religion department director)," Narciso says.

Continuing, Narcio explains, "Since I went through confirmation, I have been helping out with mass as an altar boy."

When asked what animates his faith, he responds: "Well, I want to go to heaven, and I think helping the church is part of doing the right thing."

During the school year, the children have continuing religious education as part of their core curriculum. "Each class is an hour, just like the other classes during the day. Through these lessons, the children learn the basics of the Catholic faith and can ask questions in an open setting," explains Hermana Kolby, a Sister working here at the Rancho Santa Fe full time.

Narciso sees himself as a guide for the younger children in religion courses. Expanding on how faith is essential in his daily life, he says: "I am one of the younger altar boys, but I try to help the younger kids each day because I understand what they're going through."

Asked about how he lives his faith in action beyond religious activities, Narciso reflects on the time he shares with his 'hogar' or home - the core group of boys he lives, studies, and eats meals with. "I try to be nice to everyone and remember always to help the caregiver. Sometimes it can be hard, but I try to be a good role model."

Explaining the importance of Easter, one his favorite times of the year, Narciso reflects, "I like Christmas each year, but Holy Week and Easter are interesting. It is a celebration of everything Jesus did!"

*Child's name changed to protect privacy

Riley Sexton   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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