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Jul. 28
Keeping Calm under Quarantine
Caring for mental health can be challenging in a lockdown. A Family Services expert discusses the importance of reassuring teenagers and keeping anxiety at bay.
Jul. 27
The Future of the NPH Volunteer Program
Though the program was suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19, Program Coordinator Lauren Pach says applications are now being accepted for the next term in October.
Jun. 2
A Message of Support to the NPH Global Family in the U.S.
NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas comments on the social unrest affecting hundreds of U.S. communities
May 15
NPH Family Celebrates International Nurses Day
Director of Medical Services, Dr. Edwin Vallecillo, pays tribute to the nurses throughout the nine NPH homes.
Apr. 27
Stimulating Children's Minds in a COVID-19 Lockdown
Markus Streit, Coordinator of NPHI Family Services, looks at the important role of caregivers to help calm nerves and stimulate our children's minds during the isolation of the pandemic.
Apr. 10
Reflection for Easter 2020
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and offers a message of hope for Holy Week.
Apr. 9
Stay Strong
NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas gives words of strength during difficult times caused by COVID-19.
Mar. 16
A Note of Encouragement During Troubling Times
Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, shares his thoughts, prayers and a note of encouragement to those affected by the Coronavirus crisis.
Feb. 10
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo: Crafting a Vision for Better Patient Care
Halfway through his first year as an NPHI director, Dr. Vallecillo shares his vision for Medical Services in 2020.
Jan. 13
Ten Years: Daring To Hope
Special Needs Program Coordinator Gena Heraty shares a touching poem about the 2010 Haiti Earthquake that reveals lasting pain for lives lost and enduring optimism for a country she loves.
Jan. 12
Haiti Earthquake: 12 January 2010
On the 10th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, Reinhart Koehler remembers the many thousands of Haitians that lost their lives, while also sending his gratitude to those who responded at a time of need.
Jan. 10
St. Damien Endures: 10 Years after the Haiti Earthquake
National Director Dr. Jacqueline Gautier recounts the horrific moment 10 years ago when the Haiti Earthquake struck and how St. Damien turned tragedy into opportunity.
Jan. 9
Haiti Just After the Quake
From grassroots fundraising to working with cancer patients, a former volunteer shares vivid memories of loss and joy in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.
Jan. 9
Everyone in Haiti Lost Someone
On a trip to visit college friend and NPH Haiti volunteer Molly Hightower, Rachel Prusynski describes how a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the Caribbean country and changed her life forever.
Jan. 6
The Importance of the Epiphany
Reinhart Koehler shares Epiphany message with the NPH family, remembering the significance and importance of the tradition.
Dec. 25
Reinhart Koehler: Celebrating the Gift of Life at NPH
May this Christmas season bring you joy and peace and may the New Year be filled with satisfaction, good health, generosity, and love.
Dec. 6
First Woman To Become National Director of NPH El Salvador
Dora Lemus will succeed Olegario Campos as the new National Director of El Salvador. Olegario is retiring after 20 years at the helm. Dora will be first woman to take on a permanent NPH National Director role.
Dec. 6
Haiti Hero Wins Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Award
NPH Special Needs Coordinator Gena Heraty is recognized for her dedication in caring for people with disabilities in Haiti.
Nov. 1
Rafael Arce Becomes New National Director of NPH Peru
Hermano Mayor "Rafa" Arce has a breadth of experience having fulfilled various positions in NPH in Peru and Honduras. The NPH family wishes him the best of success in his new role.
Oct. 10
Welcome to the NPH Family: Jorge Villar Miguélez
NPH is pleased to announce the appointment of Jorge Villar Miguélez as NPHI Director of Family Services. Welcome to the team.
Sep. 24
Happy 50th Birthday in Haiti
Haiti is experiencing more civil unrest, sparked by the current nationwide fuel shortages. Amidst the crisis, our Director of Special Needs programs at NPH Haiti, celebrates her 50th birthday with children, and a cat.
Sep. 19
Stephen O’Mahony Becomes New National Director of NPH Honduras
Steve O'Mahony succeeds Stefan Feuerstein who served as National Director for more than 10 years.
Aug. 16
NPH at 65: Our Mission Lives On
Executive Director Miguel Venegas shares his personal NPH history.
Aug. 16
65 Years of Raising Children, Supporting Families, and Transforming Lives
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on our past and our future.
Aug. 4
An NPH Hermano Mayor Takes a Leadership Role
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services.
Sep. 1
Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality
NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP

Seeking Director of Medical Services
NPHI is embarking on a search for an individual to manage the healthcare of the children across the organization.

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