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Nov. 4
Older Brothers and Sisters Come Back to Visit
Former pequeños return to the ranch for an exciting event!
Oct. 17
Honduras Independence Day Parade
Pequeños participate in local parade celebrating Honduran Independence Day.
Oct. 15
Proyecto Family Meals
A unique program at NPH Honduras creates a space for sibling bonds to grow stronger over a tasty meal.
Oct. 6
Estefano and the Mini Congresso Infantil 2017
An NPH Honduras youth takes on the task of running for congress
Sep. 25
Confirmation Day
With the help of the Religion Department, NPH children recently celebrated their Confirmation.
Sep. 25
Día del Niño Celebration
A ranch-wide celebration of the children's hard work this year!
Sep. 14
One Pequeño, Two Careers: NPH Vocational Workshops
How the carpentry vocational workshop is preparing one pequeño to find good work after NPH.
Sep. 5
Ready, Set, Math!
How the "Education Stimulation" department at the NPH school is getting kids engaged in their education.
Aug. 8
Casa Mi Esperanza - Expanding Deeper Into Honduras
Our new home is serving a larger population of Honduras' children.
Aug. 4
Outside of our Walls
How an education scholarship program through NPH Honduras reaches outside of our walls to help those in the community.
Jul. 12
Chatting Towards Healthier Lives
How chats given by medical staff are helping increase health education and reduce sickness.
Jun. 25
Painting Forward, Together
How a youth leadership group at NPH Honduras is helping out more in surrounding communities.
Jun. 14
Time and Love: Growing Past Gang Violence
Helping children who have been impacted by gang violence.
Jun. 12
Honduras' Most Peaceful Home
How six older residents of the Ranch find calm and peace in Casa Eva.
May 15
Boys at the Beach
13-year-old Mario* walks us through a weekend at the beach with the boys of NPH
Apr. 10
Finding Faith in All Forms
As Easter approaches, Religion Coordinator Federico speaks to the importance of art in religious education on the Ranch.
Mar. 20
The Winner Is...
How one pequeño wins a story contest on "A Better World"
Mar. 12
Peace of Mind
How a NPH-supported day care is helping single mothers start to rebuild
Feb. 22
Young Women Leading by Example
How a graduating pequeña reflects on leadership and life as a female in Honduras before going to high school.
Feb. 14
Gender Equality in Latin America
A follow up on Sandra Baca who grew up at NPH Honduras, and went on to law school.
Dec. 1
It's the Best and the Busiest of Times
How the religion department and choir get ready for the Christmas season.
Nov. 23
Here Come the Hombres
How boys on the Ranch are starting to attend their own youth group.
Nov. 14
Meeting the Needs of our Neighbors
How an NPH community outreach program helps educate and feed the neighboring community.

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