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Mar. 15
Heatwaves and Droughts Complicate Farming in Honduras
What NPH Honduras' farmers are doing to ensure a productive season despite droughts and high temperatures.
Feb. 27
Supporting Honduran Families Through Changes and Challenges
How NPH is committed to strengthen families.
Feb. 12
What Home Means at NPH 
NPH Honduras’ living spaces help children develop in a family-style environment.
Feb. 11
Welcoming 17 Children with Special Needs to NPH Honduras
The story of a cross-country journey to bring new members into the NPH family.
Dec. 11
NPH OneFamily Reunion in Honduras
Participants of the NPH OneFamily program return to NPH for a reunion with their NPH family.
Nov. 26
Parental Support for Reunited Families
How NPH Honduras provides parental workshops and trainings for families in the NPH OneFamily Program.
Nov. 19
A Field Trip to the Zoo
The NPH Honduras Montessori program organized its first big trip to Joya Grande Zoo. Read about their experience here!
Oct. 27
Weaving Values
Learning a new craft can be fun and even instill you with important values.
Oct. 15
Celebrating Father Wasson Day
Once every year, all of NPH unites in celebration of our founder’s legacy. Read about how Father Wasson Day helps us to reconnect to our history and our values.
Oct. 15
A Safe Environment at NPH
Supporting efforts to protect vulnerable children who were removed them from their former residence.
Aug. 27
Making the Wait Worthwhile
NPH Honduras' transition home, Casa Mi Esperanza, celebrates its one-year anniversary.

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