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Employee Stories

Oct. 17, 2017
Changes Outside of Our Walls
Community Service Coordinator, Gloria, explains her work with the communities surrounding NPH Honduras.
May 15, 2017
Welding Ahead to Build Bright Futures
How the metal workshop instructor pays an NPH education forward.
Feb. 14, 2017
Looking Back and Saying Goodbye
Looking back on three years with NPH.
Nov. 16, 2016
Twenty Years Strong at NPH
One of NPH's most experienced caregivers reflects on the family-oriented mission of NPH.
Jul. 4, 2016
Making Dreams Come True
The incredible story of Dr. Merlin Antúnez, one of NPH Honduras' first children.
Mar. 30, 2016
Dispensing Love
Nurse Rosa shares her experiences working at NPH.



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