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NPH Honduras - Healthcare (#P-HON-18002)

In Honduras, the quality of public medical care is deficient and the majority of public health centers lack basic medical supplies. In addition, an estimated 15% of the population does not have access to health services at all. At our home the closest reliable hospital is located about 45 minutes from our home. Having quality and affordable healthcare for the children and the local community on our property is an indispensable resource.

Internal clinic When a child arrives at NPH Honduras a complete medical check-up is given by the local doctor including a physical exam, visual test and laboratories. Immunizations are actualized and a PPD test to rule out tuberculosis is applied.

At our internal clinic, we attend to the general health care of all our children as well as the needs of our onsite employees and volunteers.

External Clinic At our external clinic, which operates weekdays just inside our main gate, we are able to offer care to patients in our local communities. The dental clinic serves the children and dedicates one day a week to people from the surrounding community. In addition, once a month smear tests are performed and every 2 months the external clinic organizes the Hypertension and Diabetes Club gatherings.

The prices of a consultation, medicine, and laboratory tests are subsidized and symbolic. For example, a consultation costs 30 lempiras (US$1.30).

In the external clinic, the majority of patients are women, and around 20% are children. The most common complaints are: diabetes, hypertension, respiratory problems, gastritis and common colds/flu and childhood illnesses.

Our internal and external clinics are a valuable resource for the kids, employees, and volunteers on our property and to local communities around us. Access to emergency treatments, medications for diseases like HIV, and medical images such as x-rays are just a few examples of the services provided. Thanks to the support of our donors we are able to offer quality and affordable treatments, which our patients would not have access to otherwise.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Internal Clinic
Consultations in the City 1 L166,871 L15
Medical Imagines 1 L85,806 L-9
Lab Tests/ Exams 1 L129,916 L-3
Hospitalizations 1 L260,552 L8
Transportation 1 L13,690 L-18
Special Care Expenses 1 L30,413 L7
HIV Treatments 1 L81,217 L14
Personal Hygiene for Health 1 L15,574 L52,316
Equipment, Beds & Furniture 1 L67,883 L7
Other Expenses 1 L0 L99,067
Salaries Internal Clinic
Health Coordinator Salary 1 L0 L275,060
Internal Clinic Dr. Salary 1 L522,718 L-13
Nurse 1 (Neuro/Psychi) Salary 1 L0 L262,925
Nurse 2 (HIV) Salary 1 L0 L262,949
Nurse 3 (Night Shift) Salary 1 L262,949 L0
Nurse 4 (Day Shift) Salary 1 L253,676 L0
Nurse 5 (Weekend) Salary 1 L0 L262,949
Nurse 6 (Head of Pharmacy) Salary 1 L0 L262,949
Intern 1 L0 L27,156
External Clinic
Lab Expenses 1 L0 L714,334
Diabetic Snack Expenses 1 L0 L16,298
Salaries External Clinic
Microbologist Salary 1 L0 L254,007
External Clinic Doctor Salary 1 L0 L528,429
Head of Pharmacy Nurse Salary 1 L0 L193,498
Dentist Salary 1 L252,470 L0
External & Internal Yearly Medication Expenses
Medications 1 L0 L2,182,576
Estimated Project Cost (HNL) L7,538,257 L2,143,734 L5,394,523

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.





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