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The photos displayed on these pages present a glimpse of our NPH Family and programs.

All photos are the copyrighted property of NPH International and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of NPHI. The surnames of the children have been withheld for the privacy of their families. Godparents can order the photos of their godson/daughter(s) at your nearest NPH office.

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  All decked out in traditional Honduran garb for a presentation in the nearby town of Los Cedros.
  Estefano* leading the trumpet section as the marching band gets a practice run in at a nearby town weeks before Independence Day.
  Pequenos have the opportunity to learn bells, trumpets, trombones, and all sorts of drums if they chose to participate in marching band.
  When not working down in the school's bodega or helping cook in the kitchen, year of service youth Joel* also leads a section in the NPH marching band.
  The oldest boys love the challenge of carrying around the biggest drums during the march.
  The marching band making their way through the nearby mountain town of Los Cedros on a practice performance for Independence Day.
  Little Merary* hugging Casa Suyapa director, Tia Iris.
  A nice day to be out doing chores.
  Two year of service pequenas resting outside after work.
  Enjoying the sunshine as summer comes to a close.
  Always a great day for berry picking.
  A pequeno practicing photo skills during a Dia del Hermano Mayor event.


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