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Held Together by NPH
Mar. 14
On March 12th, NPH Honduras welcomed eight new members to the family.
Biking Towards Physical Development!
Feb. 26
With repaired bikes, the children of NPH Honduras are growing and learning.
Small Steps at Pasos Pequeñitos
Feb. 26
An NPH Honduras childcare program is helping single mothers get back on their feet.
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Life of a Tomato at NPH
Zero Hunger, 9 countries, over 16,000 daily meals - NPH takes food seriously. From food production to sustainability to recycling, our homes work at providing the best possible nourishment for our children.


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Godparents Needed

Turning Back the Clock on Child Labor
Apr. 22
Mackens, a 7th grader here at NPH Honduras, has found a space to learn, grow, and simply be a kid.
Narciso* Reflects on Faith
Apr. 2
Narciso*, a child here at NPH Honduras for most of his life, reflects on the importance of faith.
After-School Programs for Powerful Girls.
Feb. 9
A program at NPH Honduras is helping girls understand their true value.
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Our Impact in 2017

  3,159 supported children
  112 new arrivals
  43 university graduates
  185 high school graduates
  94 full time volunteers
  324 Holy Sacraments
  143,270 services provided through community programs


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