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Finding Faith in All Forms
Apr. 10
As Easter approaches, Religion Coordinator Federico speaks to the importance of art in religious education on the Ranch.
The Winner Is...
Mar. 20
How one pequeño wins a story contest on "A Better World"
Peace of Mind
Mar. 12
How a NPH-supported day care is helping single mothers start to rebuild
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Godparents Needed

Growing in Gratitude, Growing in Faith
Mar. 20
How one pequeña has grown in both gratitude and faith thanks to the opportunities provided by NPH.
Strides in our Education System
Jan. 12
How changes at NPH's school are helping pequeños and the surrounding community get a better education.
Life After the Ranch
Dec. 8
A hermano mayor reflects on NPH's role in helping him build a successful life of his own after leaving.
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Support a Project

Support for Youth who Have Left our Home
Feb. 14
Sponsor our Special Needs Home
Feb. 14
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Surgery Center
The Holy Family Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgical center designed to improving the availability, quality, and education of healthcare, serving both the NPH-Honduras community, and the surrounding Honduran people who are most in need.


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Our NPH homes provide children and youths with the preparation and education to lead peaceful lives and one day contribute to society in their own countries, where child labor and violence are very close and real threats.


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Our Impact in 2015
  3,442 children in our homes
  332 new arrivals
  35 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  261 vocational certification
  58 children with HIV
  122 full-time volunteers
  631 holy sacraments


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