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Please support NPH Mexico with the earthquake damage and the community.

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Honduras Independence Day Parade
Oct. 17
Pequeños participate in local parade celebrating Honduran Independence Day.
Proyecto Family Meals
Oct. 15
A unique program at NPH Honduras creates a space for sibling bonds to grow stronger over a tasty meal.
Estefano and the Mini Congresso Infantil 2017
Oct. 6
An NPH Honduras youth takes on the task of running for congress
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Godparents Needed

Honduras' Star Student
Sep. 14
How starting one year behind did not stop one pequeño from becoming a model student.
Meet Manuel, An A-Plus Pequeño
Sep. 8
How a pequeño in the NPH OneFamily program is excelling in school while living with his mother.
The Magic of Milk
Aug. 28
How proper nutrition and many bottles of milk are helping one child.
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Support a Project

Sponsor our Vocational Center
Apr. 25
Support for Youth who Have Left our Home
Feb. 14
Sponsor our Special Needs Home
Feb. 14
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Surgery Center
The Holy Family Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgical center designed to improving the availability, quality, and education of healthcare, serving both the NPH-Honduras community, and the surrounding Honduran people who are most in need.


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  3,258 supported children
  118 new arrivals
  34 university graduates
  203 high school graduates
  125 full time volunteers
  423 Holy Sacraments
  100,068 services provided through community programs


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