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NPH Honduras Helps 800 Families Affected by Storms Eta and Iota
Apr. 16
International organizations and foreign donors support NPH Honduras in bringing hope to more than 1,000 people in northern Honduras through a medical and psychological brigade and delivering biosafety supplies and food.
San José Family Center Celebrates First Christmas
Dec. 22
The San José Family Center opened its doors to the Mata de Plátano community one year ago. Today, it not only celebrates its first Christmas, but also the success it has achieved on its first anniversary.
NPH Honduras Creates Rapid Response Team To Help Vulnerable Families
Dec. 14
Margen, a single mother from La Paz, survived on work in the informal economy. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she contracted the virus, leaving her reliant on support from NPH.
Our Voices: Margot from NPH Honduras
Oct. 14
Margot* is a second-year university student who also helps as an educator and caregiver at NPH Honduras. In this letter, she shares her feelings about the pandemic and how thankful she is to be part of NPH.
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Wendy Velasquez: “NPH Honduras Saved Me. Now I Want to Give Back.”
Dec. 11
Wendy had lost someone close to her at a young age when she arrived at the doors of NPH Honduras. Today, she is focused on her career teaching in the Montessori program. And she's loving it.
More Than a Surgery
Feb. 27
A shy 7-year-old with a deformity from birth receives urgent medical treatment, education, and loving support from the NPH Honduras family.
A Charming Christmas outside NPH in the OneFamily Reintegration Program
Dec. 13
NPH’s child reintegration program brings Manuel and his family together for a special Christmas.
A Day in the Life of Lizbeth
Sep. 20
Explore NPH Honduras through a friendly six-year-old's daily experiences.
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  59 full time volunteers
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