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Shots for a Healthier Future

Jul. 24

Children on the Ranch receive necessary vaccinations thanks to donors.
Where There's A Will, There's A Library

Jul. 20

One pequeña's initiative has resulted in a library for year-of-service youths and others.
Godparent's Day At The Ranch

May 29

Children celebrate their godparents.
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Godparents Needed

An Evening With The Family

Jul. 17

Three siblings new to the Ranch participated in 'Proyecto Familiar' together.

Jun. 15

Lourdes is a shy yet fun-loving little girl who lives in the baby house, Casa Suyapa.
A New Addition to the Family

May 11

Carlos is the youngest member of the NPH Honduras home.
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Support a Project

Support for youth who have left our home

Apr. 8

84 New Children Receive A Permanent Home

Nov. 26

Employee's roofs repair 2014

Jul. 14

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Surgery Center
The Holy Family Surgery Center is an ambulatory surgical center designed to improving the availability, quality, and education of healthcare, serving both the NPH-Honduras community, and the surrounding Honduran people who are most in need.
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Meet our NPH Peru Family!
Elieth and Dina give a tour of their home, NPH Peru. A special thank you to Antoine Prénaud and Charlotte Chenevier for visiting our home and for filming and producing the video.
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Our Impact in 2014
  • 3,417 children in our homes
  • 463 new arrivals
  • 36 university graduates
  • 63 children with HIV
  • 141 full-time volunteers
  • 95,481 services through outreach programs
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